I was fortunate enough to be one of the last years of women to be accepted and graduate from Douglass College– Rutgers University’s Women’s College. Douglass provided amazing opportunities and eye-opening experiences for me at a time when I was very impressionable. My deans and professors were brilliant, strong women who saw my potential and guided me, supported me and empowered me. They saw me, they believed in me and through them I began to believe in myself.

I studied Women and Gender Studies, graduating with Honors in 2004. I focused my studies on politics, policy and leadership, studying political theory, poverty, human rights, civil rights, and political leadership through a gendered lens.

I was a scholar with the Institute for Women’s Leadership, focusing on political social change. Years after I graduated as a scholar of IWL, I was asked to contribute to a book by Dr. Mary Trigg, Leading the Way: Young Women’s Activism for Social Change, published by Rutgers University Press. I am honored to have written a chapter in this fantastic book, along with my fellow scholars, the amazing, talented women who contributed to this important book.