The Consequence of Sound

Regina Spector is out of her mind. She is an amazing singer-song-writer but one listen to her music will tell you that she is completely out of her gourd. But there is so much genius, heart and message in her lyrics and in the music in between. The Consequence of Sound is a Spector’s stream of consciousness- it’s nuts, it makes me think; I love it.

Give it a listen: The Consequence of Sound- Regina Spector

I have always felt a deep connection between language and music- the way the right words can set you free, set the mood.  Language  was a way to flow off of your tongue- for me, English and Hebrew come to me and they mirror the way the right melody and harmony flow in tandem out of a finely tuned instrument. I have been breathing, talking and signing for nearly 30 years and yet just recently, I was fortunate to learn the the real meaning and importance of a deep, intentional breath taken before letting the notes and words ring out.

In terms of social change, activists voices’ give sound to suffering, violence, vulnerability and violations which have gone silent for God knows how long. The web and social networks give voice to millions who are stifled other wise by those who wish to control media and freedoms. Every Take Back the Night, every classroom workshop on sexual assault awareness gives voice to the men, women and children who suffer silently. When “straight” people stand up for the rights of the LGBT community, when a diverse community refuses to accept racism and discrimination in their midst- we are essentially creating change just with our will– and our sound. But it is the deep breath, the strategy and the intention that makes change effective and sustainable.

When I write, protest, volunteer, and work to help people and communities to change- I do so in the grand hope that my legacy will be to leave a better, kinder and more just world when I leave it.  The consequence of the things we say- as leaders and as every day people walking around- shape our society, shape our community. So lets take a deep breath, figure out a strategy and sing- for ourselves and for those who can not.