Doing What I Love

Helping good causes, good companies and good people get the message out. This is what do. I am an activist, a social networking maven, an event planner, a story teller, a shmoozer, a spokeswoman, a connecter, and an organizer.

What do I offer? What is my expertise?

Public relations- Recognizing and creating opportunities, strategizing messaging and disseminating to news media, TV, radio, print, blogs. 

Communications infrastructure: Upgrading website and social networking presence, integrating online fundraising platforms,

Curating multimedia materials: videos, photography, etc., optimizing email newsletters

Media, Marketing and Advocacy campaigns: Community building, analyzing and strategizing for campaigns, organizing public events, optimizing tools for ‘letter writing’ campaigns, petitions, viral videos, memes, crowdfunding

English writing: opeds, press releases, content writing

International relations- Building a network base abroad (special in the US), garnering international support, strategies for trips in the US, lecture tours and meetings abroad